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Cosmos Fence and Railings offers both iron and PVC fencing to provide privacy, security and elegance for your home. Our company has been building fences and railings since 1970.

Fences can serve many purposes:

Fences provide security to demarcate your property boundaries and keep unwanted intruders off your property.  As the poet Robert Frost once said, " 'Good fences make good neighbors!'

A secure fence will give you peace of mind in helping to keep pets and children from straying outside your property.

A quality iron or PVC fence will provide and elegant appearance for your premises, and as the first component of the property the eye will see serves to frame and set the tone for the overall appearance of your home.

Cosmos Fence and Railings uses only the best quality materials for both the iron and PVC fences we manufacture and install.

Contact Cosmos Fence and Railings so we can help secure your home with the best quality iron or PVC fence found on the market today!

For examples of fence options visit our manufacturers websites

Why Cosmos Fence and Railings is the best:

  • All iron fences manufactured at our facility
  • Top-notch material
  • Over 40-years of experience
  • Management on-site for all installs
  • Family-owned Business
  • We pride ourselves in the work we perform

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